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Lisa Anderson is a professional tour guide in Italy, working for Rick Steves since 1999. She moved to Italy temporarily to teach English in the 90’s and fell in love with the country…and an Italian man. Lisa spends her time guiding tours, exploring the region and cooking up a storm with her garden’s produce. She lives in Piedmont with her husband and sons.

5 thoughts on “About Lisa

  1. Hello Lisa,

    My wife and I along with her two sisters and their husbands are visiting Italy in October 2024. I heard you recently on Rick Steves Radio Program. Do you do private tours of Venice. We plan on spending three days there at the start of our vacation. We would like to see the usual sights, plus a few others. Stanley Tucci has a program on CNN about food in the different regions of Italy. Among the places he visited in Venice was a winery on the Island of Mazzorbo. He went to the Venissa Winery there. We would like to visit it. I would like to visit Harry’s Bar. As you probably know, it was a favorite hangout of Ernest Hemingway.

    If you can do this tour, please let me know. If not, can you recommend another tour guide?

    Thank you for your consideration! Have a great day!


    John Palmer

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