Pizza Pizza!

Time seems to be going by so quickly these days. I feel like I wake up, crawl out of bed, and then it’s time to call it a day and crawl back in again. It’s a good thing I like my bed! My baby, Emanuele, has been asking me for ages to make pizza, and he has a friend over today so I need to make something for a snack. I love making pizza from scratch when I have a time, but as I said, time feels like it’s at a premium these days. Amen for the frozen dough I have in the freezer, something I’ve never actually tried before. It’s time for pizza!
One of the joys of Italy is that you can still find unadulterated, prepared foods easily. I am always in shock when I look at most ingredient labels in the states. The only difference between the frozen dough and what I would make if I were doing it from scratch, is sunflower oil. I would’ve used olive oil. No tomato sauce today, in keeping with my laziness, and what I have on hand, this is a white pizza. A fresh ball of mozzarella, some grated Parmesan cheese, tiny cherry tomatoes cut in half, and once it’s cooked, sprinkling of fresh basil from the plant on my windowsill. What more could you want?
It’s a good thing I decided to make this pizza today, because when I went looking for my Parmesan cheese, I couldn’t find it anywhere. I finally decided to look in the freezer, where I apparently put it after making our lunch today. This tells you where my brain is these days! It must be the winter doldrums. Yesterday, the first day of spring, we woke up to snow, but happily after a few hours it was gone and the garden is showing signs of life.
So what have I taken away from this little exercise in pizza making today? A healthy-ish pizza can be put together fairly quickly with a bit of planning. Not counting the time it took to defrost the dough, this project took me 25 minutes including the baking. Did you really say healthy? Yes! You probably already know this, but Italian pizza usually has a much thinner crust and is not as heavily loaded with cheese or other toppings as American pizza is. The Italians differentiate our pizza from theirs and you can’t imagine how many have asked me if I eat pizza with Canadian bacon and pineapple…the consider it an abomination. Another thing I realized today is that it’s OK to take shortcuts from time to time, something I rarely do if it involves food. Last but not least, someone in my house, Emanuele, is going to be very happy to eat pizza. Perhaps you should make someone happy too!

5 thoughts on “Pizza Pizza!

  1. I, too, prefer pizza made at home, and also with condiments I have at home, like artichokes, potatoes m, eggplant and mozzarella fresca.

  2. Italy still has the BEST pizza? Remember when I wanted to share a pizza? Back in 2002! No way! Did I eat the whole pizza by myself? Yes I did! We had pizza last night. It will take at least one more meal to eat it up. Good pizza but not the same. Thanks for sharing and lots of love to you and yours❤️

  3. Thanks once again for sharing. I could live without a lot of foods but not pizza! It is tied for my all time favorite with Mac and cheese!

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