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Buongiorno a tutti, good day to all.  Still stuck in the house and losing track of the days one can only clean so much so today I decided to try an experiment and you can tell me what you think.  The videos appear sideways here for som reason but rift themselves for viewing. Be warned, I am neither a professional chef nor am I am good at taking selfies, let alone creating videos so this is a rustic as it gets.
[wpvideo ulVaDXvY ]
Since my video doesn’t give you step by step instructions, the least I can do is give you the ingredients and rough proportions for my Tuna Pasta. The amount used here fed me enough (I am trying not to grow), and my two hollow legged boys.
In a serving bowl mash together:
2 Tablespoons of butter (mine is always unsalted)
2 Tablespoons of salted capers, rinsed well and coarsely chopped
Grated lemon zest, I used 1/2 a lemon, make sure it’s organic or well washed
1/3 cup grated Parmesan, I used 30 months but 18 or 24 months is fine if you can’t get the old stuff.
160 grams (6OZ.)of tuna packed in olive oil
Cook your pasta, add it to your mashed up ingredients and serve immediately.
350 grams (12OZ.) of pasta, short shapes are best for this pasta
You can add a bit of chopped parsley too if you want to add a bit of color.
[wpvideo kgaOdf41 ]
Buon Appetito!

16 thoughts on “Video Blog Experiment Take 1

  1. Love it, Lisa! Glad you and your family are safe… we’ve definitely been thinking of you a lot lately over here in the PNW. Crazy times right now. Keep the updates coming!
    Gabi and Helen (Heart of Italy ‘18)

  2. Buon giorno, Lisa, This looks really great! I love your cooking space – so efficient and organized, and really pretty. I had no trouble playing the instructions video and I will try this for lunch soon. It sure sounds a LOT better than the American standard casserole of noodles and tunafish! Thanks for including the recipe in written form.
    A little technical feedback: I notice that bottom picture of your son looks like it might be a video as well by the arrow that shows up when I click on the picture. But when I click on the arrow, the picture is replaced by an arrow with a line through it. Could be my set-up, but I thought you might want to know.
    I hope you do more videos! It’s fun to see you again and hear your voice. Hope you and yours continue to do well.
    Ciao ciao! Polly

  3. Thanks, Lisa. Great recipe! We will be having that in a couple of days. I appreciate your taking the time to keep us up-to-date. I’m glad you are staying safe and I think I’m going to go make an espresso, too!

  4. I concur with Polly and cannot run the second video. BTW, about the yukky tuna in water comment. In the USA we mostly see tuna packed in either water or soybean oil. As I remember, anything ranking lower than evoo for cooking might as well be used in the crankcases of Fiats. I’ll suffer with the water and add evoo. Good?

  5. Lisa, So often it seems I don’t have all the ingredients for a recipe but this one hits the mark beautifully. Since we are in semi quarantine, this will make a fine lunch some day soon. My how your boys have grown. Stay well and thank you for the recipe. Village Italy 2014

  6. Yum! We happened to have everything in the house needed for this recipe, so I just made it for lunch for myself, Gary and our daughter who’s living at home right now! Our tuna is the packed-in-water variety so after I drained that off, and added the tuna to the mashed ingredients, I added some olive oil. We loved it! Thanks for sharing! !

  7. Lisa, Love your blog! I’m glad you made it home safely and your family is healthy. After such a wonderful trip, it’s crazy how the world has changed so quickly. We had no problem getting back home nor symptoms but decided to self quarantine for 2 weeks so we won’t spread the virus. Now we are isolated so we don’t catch it. Please keep blogging and demo recipes. Fondly, Yvonne

  8. Happy Easter, Lisa! We’re staying home and staying healthy, but it is getting hard to find new things to try. And we are missing all things Italian. Today we listened in to the Bocelli concert from the Duomo in Milan on YouTube. Then followed up with your lunch recipe here. Very tasty! This recipe is a keeper, for sure! I made half and it was enough for lunch for Brian and me. Our tuna was packed in veg. oil, not olive oil, but I will keep looking for the good stuff. In the meantime, what would you think about using tuna in water, drained, and then a couple tablespoons of olive oil for flavor? Thanks for posting this. We enjoyed it very much! Stay safe! – Polly, HOI April 2018

  9. Lisa! I’m so happy to find you (thanks to a Rick Steves Facebook post, which included a snippet of this blog). Now I’ve got a lot of posts to read, so I can catch up with what you’ve been up to. Don and I were supposed to be in Sicily right now, but that tour was obviously canceled. Maybe next year? We have been thinking of you and all the guides, and hope you continue to stay safe. Sending best wishes from Seattle!
    Pat & Don Janssen (Venice-Florence-Rome, June 2010).

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