Andiamo…Let’s go…

My friend Sarah Murdoch has been nagging me for a very long time to start this blog and has set it up so I have no reason not to.

I have lived in Italy for a long time and am looking forward to sharing stories and recipes here.

Today I am celebrating the simple things in life.  The simple things here are lunch with Sarah and her son Nico who are visiting from the states. Fresh tomatoes and basil from our garden and piadine stuffed with bresaola, stracchino cheese, arugula and more tomatoes. Healthy, happy children and doing a whole lot of nothing as we enjoy one of the last days of our summer vacation.

I will be celebrating 20 years in Piemonte, Italy next year. I have had some interesting adventures, enjoy lots of good food and wine and never imagined that laundry would take up so much of my time time. Come with me and find out what Italian life is really like!

3 thoughts on “Andiamo…Let’s go…

  1. Lisa, I read about your blog today on Sarah’s blog and immediately subscribed. I’ve enjoyed reading about her adventures and have spent this afternoon reading about yours. I actually met you when my husband and I were on the (no longer offered) RS Village Europe trip in 2004 and we stopped in Piemonte. Since then My husband and I have taken taken three other RS trips. I am scheduled for Easter in Sicily in 2017. Perhaps I’ll see you again then!

  2. Hi Lisa, I’ve been catching up on your blog since you told us about it. I love reading about your Italian life, your family, what you do on a day off, and the food you prepare. This is such a great photo of you. It really captures your sunny, fun personality. I love your hair that way, but I also love the current “do”. Keep on blogging, it’s so fun to read.

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