Washed Away…

Alluvione nel Cuneese e in Valsesia, un morto e un disperso. Salvati i  turisti tedeschi. Mattarella a Cirio: "Sono vicino al Piemonte" - la  Repubblica
From La Repubblica…Val Roya

It was not so long ago in a previous post that I reminisced about my first train journey in 1997 between Nice, France and Cuneo, Italy and how delighted I was taking in the spectacular views as the train popped in and out of tunnels as it crossed the Maritime Alps.  The train line that runs from Cuneo to the Italian border town of Ventimiglia on the Mediterranean Sea and then on to Nice in France is called La ferrovia delle Meraviglie. And as its Italian name implies, it is marvelous.  Many of those towns on both the French and Italian side of the border where this train line runs were devastated by heavy rains and left isolated due to large chunks of the road, houses and many bridges being washed away over during heavy rainfall at the beginning of October.  2020 continues to be an unforgettable and unforgiving year. The one saving grace is that while many of the roads connecting the towns along this road were destroyed, the train is still running and 10 million euro were immediately allotted to shore up the line and keep this invaluable connection viable.

Disastrosa alluvione in Piemonte: almeno 11 dispersi, ricerche in queste ore
Limone Piemonte, photo from In Meteo

For more images and video of the flooding check this link from La Stampa

Where I live in Region of Piemonte there are 1207 comuni (towns) and between Friday, October 2nd and Saturday the 3rd, 108 experienced extreme damage from the heavy rains that fell during storm Alex.  The region of Liguria was hit hard as well. Nearly a years’ worth of rain came down in less than 12 hours causing a huge amount of damage, 64 million as a rough guess, at least 9 people have lost their lives and many others are still missing. 

During this year where it feels like we are being bombarded with one crisis after another I find strength in that fact that people are still turning out to help in whatever way possible. Mauro’s cousin has a digger and was helping clean up flood damage in the town of Garessio.  Numerous people of all ages are coming to clean up the mud and on Facebook there is a group that connects people who are offering clothing and shelter to those displaced by the storm.  And as with any disaster, there are relief funds.  If you would like to help those in need please follow this link: https://www.specchiodeitempi.org/en/floodings-in-piedmont-how-to-help-italy/

L'alluvione in Piemonte? Un disastro come nel '94. Meno vittime solo perché  la macchina dei soccorsi è più efficace ” - La Stampa - Ultime notizie di  cronaca e news dall'Italia e
Garessio after the flood, volunteers and shopkeepers cleaning up. Image from La Stampa

Wherever you are I hope this finds you well.  Life can change from one second to the next, from good to bad and thankfully from bad to good.  If we have the luxury of sitting somewhere comfortable with time to surf the web, read the news, spend time with friends and family even virtually or dream of future adventures, we should count ourselves as lucky. I certainly do!

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  1. I knew it was serious but didn’t know the extent of the damage. Indeed, this is a year for the record books. But you’re right in counting blessing we do have. It’s wonderful to hear how your communities are working together for the good of all. Take care….

  2. Had not heard about this devastation. The photos are heartbreaking and reminds me so much of our time in Vernazza on 10/25/11. Hope you and your family are well and safe. Take care Lisa.💗

  3. Thanks for sharing Lisa. Even on our end so close the devastation wasn’t obvious. I hope all the beauty of the area will be back and the people can find their joy in their homes again soon. So recently just I had one of my travel highlight in this area …

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