Ups and downs…

Life is never simple and tragedy can strike in a moment.  Yesterday, August 24th 2016, a major earthquake struck Central Italy and for thousands of people, life as they knew it changed. I live up in the Northwest corner of the country, far from the quake, however, my very good friend and neighbor is from Amatrice. The town has crumbled and the only news she and her family are getting right now is terrible. Watching the news, she and her father are seeing images of the homes of their families and friends that no longer exist and are waiting to hear who has survived. So far, an aunt and uncle are ok,  a cousin died…there are so many more.  My heart is breaking for Francesca and her family and all the people they hold dear.

If you’d like to help the victims of the disaster, Shelterbox is a reputable charity that helps victims of earthquake disasters. You can find them here:

The ups are coming.

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